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Rush Week is almost here and we can’t wait to help you celebrate! The Tin Roof is bringing you all the must have items a girl needs to feel her best while rushing. We are so excited to introduce you to the Rush Week Gifts and Bid Day Boxes we’ve created for your students going through formal recruitment this year. These gifts are the perfect way to send love and support to your girl while she finds her home away from home! 
We are offering  two gifting options for recruitment:

Rush Week Gifts: These gifts are pre-selected and delivered to the dorms each day during the week of rush. Each box consists of different non-greek items that will brighten your girl's day as she goes through recruitment and gets adjusted to life in Columbia! You are able to purchase each day individually, or purchase the whole week for a discounted rate. All gift bundles will include gift wrap, enclosure card, and free delivery.

Saturday 8/13: Mizzou Day ($45)

Sunday 8/14: Rush Week Essentials ($55)

Monday 8/15: Drink More Water! ($30)

Tuesday 8/16: Back To School Day ($30)

Wednesday 8/17: Self-Care Day ($45)

Thursday 8/18: Encouragement Day ($35)

Friday 8/19: Treat Day ($25)

Bid Day Boxes: These boxes are delivered on Bid Day to your student's dorm to celebrate the sorority house she pledges! Each box consists of Greek items for her new sorority. 
Under the Greek Life FAQ tab, you will find answers to all of the most common questions we receive. If you have any more questions please contact us at or give us a call at (573) 443-4438.  
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