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Below you will find answers to all of the most common questions we receive. If you have any more questions please contact us at or give us a call at (573) 443-4438.

How will my student know she got a delivery?

We will send her a text. In the text we will include telling her she got a delivery, and where to pick up the box.

What date do I have to buy the boxes by?

While the last day to purchase boxes is August 12th, we suggest placing your orders as soon as possible to ensure you get the pictured items!

When will the gifts be delivered?

Rush Week Care packages will be delivered on Monday, the 14th by the end of the day, and Bid Day Boxes will be delivered  on the 19th to your student's dorm on Mizzou's campus.

When do I pay for the boxes?

You pay for the boxes at time of checkout online.

What if she doesn’t pick up her gift?

The dorms leave the items at the front for the student to pick-up. It will just be there waiting for her until she grabs it!

Do I select shipping or local pick-up?

Local pick-up is the only option at checkout, but we know we will be delivering these to your students' dorm on Mizzou campus.

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